Industrial Websites Need Part DIY and Part Specialist Help to achieve success

One trend which i have observed recently with my industrial and engineering clients is they wish to take a lot of operate in-house. I’m talking about updating, maintaining and often marketing their industrial websites. Is the fact that a great factor?

My estimation is sort of biased since i am a commercial and Business to business marketing consultant. I make my living supplying marketing services including designing and marketing industrial websites. However, It is really a new and permanent reality of the present economy and began to adjust my company model accordingly.

Adding value to industrial web development and marketing

I will illustrate my point about part DIY and part specialist help by utilizing three real-existence examples from my very own industrial marketing business.

Success story #1: Manufacturer of electronic passive components

We built a web-based parametric search application for that client’s web site to help website visitors rapidly find/build the precise part number according to selecting numerous design and/or performance characteristics. Our expertise was utilized in designing the database schema, backend programming, allowing the interface, testing and integrating the applying in to the current site. Next, we switched it to the client’s IT department. They’ve streamlined the weekly updating task by tying it to their existing inventory system. Apart from some initial hiccups, the updates and also the usage happen to be perfect with this client receiving very favorable comments using their customers.

Success story #2: Developer of software suite for that upstream oil & gas industry

The client’s old corporate website was created by us to place a sharper concentrate on their audience of reservoir and production engineers, operations personnel and upper management in gas and oil production companies. The client’s engineering team produced Flash demos of the software, which we integrated into the brand new site. We converted a number of their PowerPoint files into online Flash presentations to focus on the main features and benefits of the software suite. The customer uses their in-house sources to regularly update the website content without having to spend more income on the professional marketing services.

Success story #3: Consultant focusing on speeding up business growth for global companies

Redesigned his business website with personal branding and highlighting his expertise utilizing an online article library. We built HTML templates that safeguard the integrity and also the functionality from the site from accidental changes as the client has complete freedom to include new websites content, edit images and add new articles and white-colored papers utilizing a simple cms (CMS). The customer is extremely pleased with how easy it’s to keep the website themself and it is thrilled the website is always stocked with fresh content without getting to invest money every time he needs an update.

In most three instances, we introduced additional value towards the table by working with the customer as well as their in-house sources rather of fighting it.

Obviously, I possibly could have attempted using scare tactics by saying, “If you feel hiring professionals is costly, try hiring amateurs” but today’s industrial and Business to business marketers are extremely smart and ingenious to be seduced by that line. Rather, I select to help keep my credibility intact and supply the specialist help my clients have to supplement their do-it-yourself (DIY) industrial and Business to business website abilities an internet-based marketing efforts.

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